Our debt solutions

We have successfully helped thousands of Australian families since 2003. Our services come with a fee of $1250 and can be paid in installments. In addition to this setup fee, ASFA (government department) have introduced a $200 Debt Agreement lodgement fee as at 1st January 2011. These amounts can be paid according to any repayment plan that is suitable to you.
This fee will cover all the below service:

  • Consultation to ascertain the best solution to solve your debt problem.
  • Preparing and organising all paperwork for the Debt Agreement.
  • Negotiating with your creditors if necessary.
  • Providing you with advice throughout the process.

Debt Agreements

With the Debt Agreement solution, a single debt amount will replace all your multiple loans and debts. Effectively, you will have only one debt and one repayment to worry about. The higher interest rates you have been paying on credit card debt will stop with this solution.

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Credit Card Help

Many Australians are suffering due to an excess in credit card debt and they need credit card help. When spending gets out of control and you owe a lot of money on one or more credit cards, keeping up with payments can be very difficult. This includes department store credit cards too. What may have seemed like a good idea at the time, may now be forcing you into a stressful financial position that has become impossible for you to manage alone.

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Asset Protection

If your assets are under threat from finance companies or banks because of your credit card debts, personal loan debts, mobile telephone bills or other consumer debts, we can help you formulate a strategy to protect and retain your assets and avoid bankruptcy.

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Financial Budgeting

We will draw up a weekly / fortnightly / monthly budget with you (and / or your family) to determine your income and expenses. We then offer this budget to your creditors and negotiate an affordable installment amount to repay your debt. This amount can be direct debited from your bank account on the same or following day as your wages are paid. Alternatively, we can provide you with a deposit booklet to help you pay this amount at any National Australia Bank branch.

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