Australia's Christmas-Season Debt

Posted by: admin at 3:05 pm on December 9th, 2015

Our new infographic shows that lots of Australian's struggle with debt at Christmas time

Feeling like you're struggling to get through Christmas with your finances in-tact? You're not the only one.

Our research shows some surprising statistics showing how common it is for Australian's to get into debt over Christmas, including:

  • The average family at Christmas time will spend $4,154, but only earn $4,400
  • So how do they pay for it? A third of people will either have to dip into their savings and/or use Credit Cards
  • The extra expenditure isn't just on those Christmas presents, either- people also are spending up to 37% more on the luxuries associated with the Christmas season.

See the Christmas Season Budgeting infographic here:



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