Life after debt:

"We're happy and living credit free"

Being in a difficult financial situation is hard. Perhaps it seemed like it was all under control, but then something happened. Now money is a major source of stress for you and your family.

Here are some highlights of actual feedback given to us by our clients:

"We never imagined that we would be going to go through this difficult and frustrating experience and we were also a bit embarrassed by our situation..."

"We were recommended to call [Your Debt Solution] with the words ‘they are a reputable company’, and we are thankful that you have lived up to that reputation..."

"Since... discussing our debt of over $40000, [Your Debt Solution] have made our lives a lot less stressful. We had fallen into the trap of everybody wanting to give us Credit and then realising we couldn't afford to pay it all back. [We] worked out a payment plan, since then we don't get anymore phone calls and our repayments are much more managable..."

"I was unable to re-finance my house because of the little equity in it & my creditors were hounding me day & night. It was a very frightening time. Your Debt Solution incorporated their fees into an installment arrangement & I was able to pay my Debt Agreement off over a 4 year period.

"Other than my mortgage, I'm now living Debt free and very happy these Debt Agreements exist."

In essence, over the last 10 years we have helped clients greatly reduce their stress, be able to take holidays and most of all: live credit-free lives with their finances securely under control.

The same tools we offered them may be able to help you. We can offer you a range of strategies that have successfully been used by clients in your position before.

Our staff are professional, sensitive and can give you the information you need to know to recover from overwhelming debts. Do not put this off- delaying the appropriate advice never helps. Just a simple phone call to us could be enough to help you get your life back on track. 

So phone us now on 1800 11 DEBT (1800 113 328) to get the information you may need to help get your life back on track.

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